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A Hands-On, Affordable Way to
Migrate to the Household Account Model

Introducing Database Sherpa Online Camps

An online series of webinars, resources, and one-on-one technical support to upgrade to
migrate your nonprofit to the Salesforce Household Account Model.

The Next Camp begins on February 20, 2017. Register now!


One of the gifts of the Sherpa community is how we learn together. As Salesforce evolves, we all evolve with it. That’s why we’re excited to invite your nonprofit to the Household Account Migration Camp, a web-based, group journey for up to six organizations.

The Household Account model is an ideal fit for many nonprofits. It offers a seamless way to organize contacts and information associated with them. You can connect multiple members of the same family while tracking their separate donations and addresses (including seasonal addresses). This streamlined approach more closely mimics how relationships are interconnected in the real world. It also makes for better reporting… something your team will appreciate when it’s time to plan your year-end appeal!

If you’ve been looking for focused time and support to migrate your nonprofit to the household account model, join us for a special learning opportunity! The Household Account Migration Camp is a hybrid of peer-to-peer learning, individual tech support with a Sherpa, and plenty of training and resources to help you migrate to household accounts and learn the ropes of cleaning your data.

  • Nine-week training program and learning community where you’ll work with fellow nonprofits and with the guidance of a Sherpa. Limited to six nonprofits to ensure a good mix of collaborative learning and individual attention.
  • Build your own knowledge while building your organization’s capacity with a stronger database. Get weekly webinars, training guides, office hours, online support, and more. You will learn by doing, with plenty of support along the way.
  • Save thousands of dollars, compared to the cost of hiring a consultant to do the migration.

If you’ve been looking for a blend of DIY tools and technical support to migrate to the household account model, this could be the right journey for you! These camps are the only resource we know of for sharing the journey of upgrading with fellow nonprofits, in a hands-on and step-by-step way. We piloted the program with six nonprofits earlier this year, and the next camp begins the week of September 19.


A New Camp Starts on February 20, 2017!
Nine Weeks of Live Training & Tech Support
Only 6 spots left – $4,000
Register now.


Join us for a nine-week journey to learn about this account model, understand how it relates to your existing model and what will need to be adapted, create a sandbox to structure your organization’s data in the model, begin migrating and cleaning your data, and launch the production version of your database with the new model. Includes:

  • Nine, two-hour live webinar training sessions
  • Access to a private campsite with forums, resources, and peer-to-peer support
  • Weekly office hours with Salesforce-certified Sherpas to assist with troubleshooting
  • Complete migration guidebook, including our plan for the trek, checklists to migrate and clean your data, templates to document your specific instance, and tools to educate your team about the new account model

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Salesforce Training Designed for Nonprofits


Salesforce Upgrade Camp at Database SherpaDatabase Sherpa Camps are ideal for small nonprofits with limited budgets or limited staff capacity. We’ve created the camps as an interactive, web-based learning experience. You’ll get webinars, toolkits, resource guides, and more designed especially for the journey of a small nonprofit using Salesforce. This nine-week, hands-on experience will guide you each step of the way to:

  • Migrate to the new Household Account Model
  • Get your nonprofit’s data in top shape for 2016 and beyond
  • Grow your team’s knowledge of Salesforce and improve your confidence to work with your organization’s database


“I cannot imagine trying to do this on my own.”

Margaret Mangus, who works with the nonprofit Meher Mount, sent us this kind note about her camp experience:

“Thank you to Ashima, Bhanu and Gabriel for all your help, guidance and patience. The camps have been a rewarding experience in many ways. The most obvious reward is the successful upgrade and data migration.

I cannot imagine trying to do this on my own. I’m not really a database administrator. Rather, I am a fund raiser who wanted a better infrastructure to support the team’s efforts, and that led to Salesforce. We implemented a bare bones version based on what I understood of the functionality. So reading about the upgrade/migration process online made my eyes glaze over and attention wander.

The Camp was just what I needed. I do think the upgrade/migration process is much more complicated than one would believe. With my limited NPSP knowledge, it would have been impossible. In addition, the process takes more than a day or two. On my own, I’m not sure I would have had the patience to stick it out and attend to every detail. Also, I didn’t understand a lot of the terminology, so some of the online guidance left me confused.

Instead, with the Camp, I found myself looking forward to the webinars and to addressing each step of the process along the way. The pacing worked well for both the Camp Upgrade and the Camp Migration.

With the Camp, it was much more enjoyable being part of the group than going through this alone. Even though many of the issues of the Camp participants were dissimilar, it was inspiring to watch everyone else wrestle with her issues.”

One Nonprofit’s Journey: “I found so many tricks…”

As the community outreach and development coordinator for Friends of Portland Adult Education, Sarah Robinson is no stranger to database management. For over 20 years, she has journeyed from File Maker Pro and spreadsheets to Raiser’s Edge and finally to Salesforce. She was mostly self-taught with Salesforce in the beginning, taking advantage of its flexibility. As she says: “It’s so fun once you get into it!”

When the opportunity came to migrate to the household account model, Sarah was interested but didn’t want to go it alone. She came to our household migration camp looking for guidance and expecting to “learn a single linear process.” She says she experienced much more thanks to the Sherpa approach to learning by exploring, doing, and sharing with fellow campers. “I found so many tricks because I felt so much more comfortable working in Salesforce.”

Her location in Portland, Maine didn’t stop Sarah from connecting with fellow nonprofits a couple states over. Thanks to the camp’s private online discussion area and live webinars, she could reach out for ideas and advice when she needed it and find colleagues who were eager to help. She says she enjoyed “having the collegial atmosphere to try different things and not be scared.”

Based on the skills she’s learned, Sarah says she may start focusing her career more as a Salesforce Admin. Perhaps what we’re most excited about is how the camp deepened the knowledge and presence she brings her database. Sarah offers that the camp helped her better anticipate the impact of changes in her organization’s database, while trusting that’s it’s okay to change her mind later… everything can be fixed and adapted!


Live Training. One-on-one support.
Nine weeks to a stronger database.
Six spots are open for the next trek…
claim yours now.


Questions about the upcoming camp?
Looking for a custom training or guidance for your nonprofit?
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