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At Database Sherpa, we believe good database karma is the result of your organization investing energy to create its database and taking ownership of its long-term maintenance and evolution.

While your first reaction may be to call an outside consultant to build a database for you, this does not have to be the only path to making peace with your data. In fact, if you have the desire and energy to partner with a Sherpa, we know the rewards will be quite different from the other paths you might choose.

By helping you face the challenge of database development head-on, Database Sherpa can lead your organization to create a complete and functional database and invest in staff members who are equipped to use that database. At the end of the journey, you will have built a wealth of in-house knowledge that reduces (even eliminates) the need for ongoing consultation and technical support.

Database Sherpa offers several paths to guide your organization, wherever your journey begins:

Need help making peace with your data in Salesforce? Click here to request a conversation. We’d love to learn about your journey so far and create a plan for your next trek.