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Salesforce DIY for nonprofits

Salesforce Training for Nonprofits through our Salesforce DIY workshops

Database Sherpa is pleased to announce opportunities for Salesforce training for nonprofits through a whole new line-up of upcoming Salesforce DIY workshops! Whether your nonprofit has just started with Salesforce or you’ve been using it for years, you can often pick up new ideas for using your database. That’s why we’re offering online workshops with topics ranging from “Creating Practical Reports” to “Fixing Messy Data.” Ashima Saigal from Database Sherpa and Caroline Renard warmly invite you to check them out, and register for any workshops that appeal to you.


  1. Owen Camden

    3 years ago  

    I think that salesforce training is so important for any type of business or non-profit. This can definitely help make your company run more smoothly. This also is a great way to help your employees feel more competent. I also think that this would also be a great way to expand your education.

    1. Ashima Saigal

      2 years ago  

      Owen, you are correct and we can use various tools to help with this. Trailhead is a new tool that would be quite helpful for those wanting to learn more.

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