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It’s time to upgrade your Salesforce database.
Our trek is planned. There’s a pack with your name on it.

Introducing Database Sherpa Camp Series

An online series of webinars, resources, and one-on-one technical support to upgrade to
Nonprofit Starter Pack version 3.0 and migrate your nonprofit to the Household Account Model.

The Next Camp will begin February 2017. Pre-register now!


If you haven’t already, now is the time to take a fresh look at your nonprofit’s Salesforce database. Salesforce has released Nonprofit Starter Pack version 3.0 (NPSP 3) and a new Household Account model. This is an important upgrade that every nonprofit should consider.

Big Improvements with NPSP 3

NPSP 3 offers critical improvements that can help you manage relationships with donors, volunteers, clients, and others more easily this year. Three updates of special interest are:

  • Automatic Future UpgradesUpgrade now, and never worry about upgrades again. After your upgrade to NPSP 3, Salesforce will push all future releases out automatically. This is a huge benefit if your organization has struggled to keep your database updated due to staff changes or time or knowledge. It’s like an insurance policy for your database. You’ll always have the latest and greatest features of Salesforce without needing to do additional upgrades.
  • Health Check – Assess your data and diagnose system issues with one click. Health Check is easy and offers more details than what’s available in earlier versions of NPSP.
  • Improved & Intuitive Settings – NPSP 3 moves settings to one location that’s easy to find and organized by function, rather than technical knowledge. Not only does it make navigation easier, but it also speeds up the learning curve for future admins.

Using the Household Account Model

In addition to NPSP 3, Salesforce has rolled out a new Household Account model, and you’ll have the option of migrating to it after you upgrade. Account models are the structure for how individual contacts in your database are organized.

The Household Account model is exciting, because it’s a more seamless way to organize contacts and information associated with them. You can connect multiple members of the same family while tracking their separate donations and addresses (including seasonal addresses). This streamlined approach more closely mimics how relationships are interconnected in the real world. It also makes for better reporting… something your team will appreciate when it’s time to plan your year-end appeal!

Join Us for Upgrade Camps:
Salesforce Training and Support
for Small Nonprofits

Salesforce Upgrade Camp at Database SherpaTo help you make the time and get support to take advantage of NPSP 3 and the Household Account Model, Database Sherpa is launching Upgrade Camps. This hands-on experience will guide you each step of the way to:

  • Upgrade to Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack version 3.0
  • Migrate to the new Household Account Model
  • Get your nonprofit’s data in top shape for 2016 and beyond

Upgrade Camps are ideal for small nonprofits with limited budgets or limited staff capacity. We’ve created the camps as an interactive, web-based learning experience. You’ll get webinars, toolkits, resource guides, and more designed especially for the journey of a small nonprofit using Salesforce.

NPSP 3 Upgrade Camp
Next camp forming soon!
$1,000, 6 spots open

A three-week journey to learn about the upgrade process and the features of NPSP 3, prepare your database, fully upgrade your Salesforce instance, and resolve data issues or other questions that come up along the way. Includes:

  • Three, two-hour live webinar training sessions
  • Access to a private campsite with forums, resources, and peer-to-peer support
  • Weekly office hours with Salesforce-certified Sherpas to assist with troubleshooting
  • Complete upgrade guidebook, including our plan for the upgrading trek, checklists, templates to help document your nonprofit’s upgrade and specific Salesforce instance, and tools to educate your team about the new NPSP 3 features

Next camp forming soon. Interested? Email us.

Household Account Migration Camp
Next camp starting February 2017
$4,000, 6 spots open

A 9-week journey to learn about this account model, understand how it relates to your existing model and what will need to be adapted, create a sandbox to structure your organization’s data in the model, begin migrating and cleaning your data, and launch the production version of your database with the new model. Includes:

  • Ten, two-hour live webinar training sessions
  • Access to a private campsite with forums, resources, and peer-to-peer support
  • Weekly office hours with Salesforce-certified Sherpas to assist with troubleshooting
  • Complete migration guidebook, including our plan for the trek, checklists to migrate and clean your data, templates to document your specific instance, and tools to educate your team about the new account model

Camp starting February 2017, Register Now!

Yes, you can migrate your database.

The benefits are big with NPSP 3 and the Household Account model, but we understand that the work involved might feel daunting! Database Sherpa believes in walking alongside nonprofits as they face their database challenges… and this upgrade opportunity is no different.

Even if your organization has a complex database, it is possible to do the upgrade and household account migration yourself. Not only will it save your organization thousands of dollars (compared to outsourcing the upgrade), but it will help improve the quality of your data and build your organization’s capacity for data management.

One Client’s Story: “If I can do this, so can you.”

Upgrading to NPSP 3As featured on, we worked with Deb VanZegeren and the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation to help the organization upgrade to NPSP 3:

Deb has already begun to see the benefits for her organization. Reporting for mailing lists is much easier. Development staff are able to enter and track grants easier. Donation tracking is more straightforward. There are fewer steps to ensure addresses are accurate between household members. The Health Check gives her insight into the integrity of her Salesforce instance. And now she’ll always have the latest version of the NPSP!

Deb says that “taking the step was worth all the hours of preparation because we are already reaping the benefits of the current upgrades and look forward to future updates. I sincerely mean it when I say, if I can do this, so can you.”


Get live training and one-on-one support
to migrate to the Household Account Model.
Pre-register now.